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How does it turn your life around?
All problems are due to misperceptions and with this Technique you can access the relaxed sub-conscious mind, identify those faulty thought patterns that are causing the problems and turn them around.

How do you identify 'faulty thought patterns'?
You simply look at any negative emotion you are experiencing at any given time and behind that emotion is a faulty thought pattern. Most of these patterns originate from your childhood. It has been discovered through 35 years of research at the Winchester Foundation that you don't have to go back to your childhood to change these thought patterns. You just change the updated version.

How do you change the 'updated' version?
Through deep relaxation you can access the 'Alpha' state of mind, which is commonly known as the sub-conscious. All your experiences since birth are recorded in the sub-conscious as thought patterns. These patterns can be changed regardless of how long ago they were formed.

How does it work?
The five steps of The MindFrame Technique will enable you to reach the deep subconscious level of mind and teach you to re-program your life for health wealth and happiness.

12 Mp3s to install the 5 Steps of The MindFrame Technique.


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This CD and DVD format allows you to master the complete MindFrame Technique in the comfort of your own home. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of turning problems around with the ‘Click of your fingers’

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Everything that is in the box is now available in downloadable video, audio and pdf files. Don’t waste time waiting for the post to arrive get started immediately. Your depression, anxiety, insomnia, bad habits are things of the past.

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MindFrame Online

Finally you can now do Mindframe online. This exciting new format now allows you to get comprehensive training and direct access to Terry all online. Also learn to become a facilitator and earn your living helping people.  

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Experience the deep relaxed ‘Alpha’ state live in our 8 hour intensive seminar. As soon as we have 50 people in your area ready to master their lives Terry will personally fly over to take you through the training. Put your name down.

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Enquire about the 5 session one on one MindFrame Hypnotherapy with Terry. This is the most powerful, sort after way of instantly solving your problems by removing your mental blocks to health wealth and happiness.

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