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The MindFrame Technique® is the most comprehensive and extensive course in the actual techniques used for personal development and mind training you can experience. From the first session, this thoroughly practical technique teaches you how to easily and immediately access the full, creative power and potential of your mind at the Alpha level. This is followed by comprehensive training in the techniques and triggers necessary to apply that power and potential to all aspects of your life.
In just one day of course attendance, or through the purchase of the Complete CD/ DVD Box or E-Box Download, you will learn how to really live your life to its full potential. The door is now open.

Whats in the E-Box?

The 5 Steps of the MIndFrame Technique contained in 14 Mp3's
E-book version of the best-selling book, 'The Secret of Happiness - It's All In the MInd' by founder Terry Winchester

The 5 Steps

Step 1 - Deep Relaxation 

From this deep refreshing state of being, you can now access the creative subconscious mind while your body rejuvenates itself. Your unlimited mind is quietly waiting to be directed towards any goal you wish. Your point of power is right now. This step prepares the brain to receive and interpret any instruction. It will faithfully bring about whatever you imagine, whether it be positive or negative. You get to choose.

Main uses:

To reach deep physical relaxation and rejuvenate the whole body.

To harmonize your sleep cycles – a cure for insomnia.

To communicate with the subconscious mind for problem-solving and goal-setting.

Step 2 - The Mental Mirror

This is the foundation of the MindFrame Technique®. It is the main tool used to identify negative thought patterns and simply turn them around. You will discover that by reversing the negative perceptions that you have built up from childhood, you will automatically gravitate to your positive natural state of being.

 Main uses:

To turn negative thought patterns into positive outcomes.

To set future goals.

To heal relationships.

To access your photographic memory.

To release yourself from all fear.

To be here NOW and align yourself with your true purpose.

Step 3 - The Finger Trigger 

The mental mirror can be swivelled by simply bringing the first two fingers and thumb of either hand together. This trigger will automatically allow you to snap back into your positive mind frame whenever you feel the need.

 Main uses:

To instantly relax and de-stress.

To stop reactionary behaviour patterns.

To swivel the Mental Mirror from black to white.

To nip anxiety in the bud.

To recall information during meetings and exams.

To help in finding misplaced items and remember names.

To anchor good experiences.


Step 4 - The Water Technique

The water trigger will give you the opportunity to tune into a positive frame of mind when you need it most. This happens when you have allowed negative thoughts to build up to such an extent that you are about to ‘blow a fuse’. This trigger instantly calms you, allowing sanity to prevail. It is also used to hand over questions to the subconscious mind for creative answers.

 Main uses:

To instantly relax you before important events like exams, presentations or interviews.

To calm you down in times of extreme stress.

To hand over unanswered questions to the subconscious mind for creative answers.

To swivel the Mental Mirror from black to white.

To anchor good experiences.

Step 5 - Meditation

The purpose of this meditation technique is twofold.  Firstly, it will deepen your ‘ALPHA’ state and train the brain to be focused and single-minded at any time; secondly, it will enable you to work towards transcending the mind and achieving the ultimate goal of mankind – a connection with the ‘Inner Self’.

Main uses:

 To focus the mind.

To attain Self-Realisation.The Complete technique Mp3 is a tool that incorporates all 5 Steps that have been installed into the sub-conscious. By playing this once a day you will assure the realizaton of your goals. You can create an audio CD for your player or copy these files to your MP3 Player.

These simple steps can be used to help you with any problems you might be experiencing.

Complete Technique Tracks

An overview of the 5 Steps which once installed can be used for 20min per day to amplify your MindFrame experience.

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    MindFrame Online

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