MEDITATION Instant Relief MP3

MEDITATION Instant Relief MP3


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Once you realise that you are the master of your own life, you develop the urge to help others see how easy it all is. We have a responsibility towards humanity to shine our light and to sound our note. We will never feel fulfilled until we do so. Those that went before us are doing it right now. If it weren't for the highly evolved beings sitting in the caves of the Himalayas, we would not be here today. We would have destroyed ourselves a long time ago with all our negative thinking. The powerful thoughts emanating from the enlightened ones are keeping the balance.

Science has taught us that when we lower our 'brain wave frequencies' to Alpha, Theta and Delta there is no time and space, so therefore all minds are one. Every thought that you have affects every single creature in this universe. Not only those on this planet but also those who have left the planet and those who have still to come. Every thought you have resonates throughout the entire universe for an eternity. You are re-patterning the universal mind right now. Are you making a positive contribution or not? 

Individually it is not so easy to remain positive, but together, with a group of people, with the intention to uplift our thinking, negative thoughts dissolve. This is what we do at our meetings. We dedicated the time to a higher purpose, and amazing revelations happen.

This INSTANT Meditation Mp3 DOWNLOAD from MindFrame will start you on your journey to Self-Realisation.

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    This CD and DVD format allows you to master the complete MindFrame Technique in the comfort of your own home. The whole family can enjoy the benefits of turning problems around with the ‘Click of your fingers’

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    Everything that is in the box is now available in downloadable video, audio and pdf files. Don’t waste time waiting for the post to arrive get started immediately. Your depression, anxiety, insomnia, bad habits are things of the past.

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    MindFrame Online

    Finally you can now do Mindframe online. This exciting new format now allows you to get comprehensive training and direct access to Terry all online. Also learn to become a facilitator and earn your living helping people.  

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    Experience the deep relaxed ‘Alpha’ state live in our 8 hour intensive seminar. As soon as we have 50 people in your area ready to master their lives Terry will personally fly over to take you through the training. Put your name down.

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    Enquire about the 5 session one on one MindFrame Hypnotherapy with Terry. This is the most powerful, sort after way of instantly solving your problems by removing your mental blocks to health wealth and happiness.

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